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Mega Monster High Performance Chipbreaker Cutting Tools

Solid Carbide
3 Flute, Rougher-Finisher Chipbreaker Style

5/16 - 3FL, Ballnose, Chipbreaker - Uncoated

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Premium sub-micron C-2 carbide with 10% cobalt content. 3 & 4 Flutes. Designed with tooth overlap to produce fairly smooth part finish.  Extremely high feed rates in roughing operations.  Minimizes cutting forces for longer tool life.  The bullnose (corner radius) end shape promotes increased edge strength. 30 Helix, RHS / RHC.  Proudly made in the USA zoom in for larger tool detail

Diameter: 5/16"
Length Of Cut: 13/16
Shank Diameter: 5/16
Overall Length: 2-1/2
Proudly Made in the USA

PART NO: 268-312812

Material: Solid Carbide
• Sub-Micron C-2 grade premium carbide
10% Cobalt content


  • 3 Flute
  • Regular Length
  • Ballnose
  • Helix: 30°
  • Finish: Uncoated
  • RHS (Right Hand Spiral)
  • RHC (Right Hand Cut)
  • Center Cutting
  • Single End

Cutting Diameter
+0.000 / -0.002”


Shank Diameter
+0.0000 / -0.0003”

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